Friday, January 30, 2009

Two Shoreline off-leash dog parks have been approved

Great news from - the city council has approved two pilot sites for off-leash dog parks in Shoreline! One is at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park (the south side of the beach) and one is at Shoreview Park (also known as "the pit" parking lot at Shoreline Community College). Here's further information from Shoredog:

In the next few weeks we'll begin working with the Parks Dept. in the implementation of Shoreview opening in the spring, and Saltwater opening in the fall (this will be a timed use site open from approx. Nov. through April). Remember, these are "pilot" sites for the first year so we need to show the Parks Dept., City Council, and Shoreline residents that we can succeed so that we can reach our long term goal of creating a balanced system of neighborhood off-leash sites throughout Shoreline.

We'd love to see you at our next Shoredog meeting:
Saturday, Jan 31st, 11am-12:30pm at the Lake Forest Park Third Place Commons Meeting Room, 17171 Bothell Way NE.

Regarding the vote, the Shoreview site passed unanimously. Councilmembers Cindy Ryu and Janet Way were most adamantly against passing the Saltwater Park site and voted against it. On the other hand, our biggest advocates were from Councilmembers Doris McConnell, Keith McGlashan, and Ron Hansen. In the end, Terry Scott and Chris Eggen also voted in favor of Saltwater Park. Here is a link with their bios/email addresses if you'd like to send them comments or thanks.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this process through the last few years. It's been a long road, but we are finally getting somewhere! I can't stress enough how much we will need people to become involved in Shoredog now that our dream has become a reality. Please join us and spread the word!

You can read more about Shoredog, or join them, at their site here.

Here's a link to agendas and video from recent Shoreline City Council meetings.

Photo by Michael "Mike" L. Baird -
Used under a Creative Commons license

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