Saturday, August 2, 2008

Colorful painted panels at City Hall construction site

I was checking out the construction site for Shoreline's new City Hall this morning when I discovered all these painted panels alongside the north side of the construction zone. They form part of a "fence" of sorts between the City Hall Annex and the work site. I didn't see any information about who painted them, but I'm guessing a youth group. I sent a note to the City's Customer Response Team for more info. When I get a response, I'll post that info here.

This is where they're preparing to build Shoreline's new City Hall. See that wooden fence in the background? The other side of it is covered with paintings.

This is what it looks like as you enter the walkway leading to City Hall Annex.

Here's a view from the other direction.

Detail: The Lorax and Boyz 2 Men

Detail: This is pretty but I don't know what it means. Do you?

Detail: Warhol inspired soup can. Sounds like a yummy flavor!

Detail: 3 panels

They even posted some poetry :)

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