Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shoreline's Latino flavored 7-11

A few weeks ago I reported on the 7-11 in Shoreline's Ridgecrest neighborhood selling an unusual flavor of beer called Budweiser Chelada. I discovered that (according to Busweiser's press release) it is a flavor enjoyed by many Latino folks. In case you didn't see that earlier post and don't know what Budweiser Chelada is, it's beer mixed with clam juice and tomato juice. At any rate, I was thinking about that and how the store often plays Latino music in the parking lot and started wondering if perhaps there's a lot of Latino folks living in that area. Then, yesterday, I spotted this new display. Mexican snack cakes!

Sometimes just going to the local convenience store is an international adventure. :)

BIMBO Pan Dulce

Is that salsa music playing?

Link to: Earlier post about Budweiser Chelada


  1. There is always some sort of music pumping out of that 7-11, not just Salsa. Depends on who is working. The other day, around noon, young hispanic guy had KUBE93 playing and there was an 80 year old man outside bobbing his head. Thats my favorite 7-11, the only one with seats outside. Very inviting, even though there was a guy was shot there a while back.

  2. And thats Reggaeton, an urban mix of hiphop/rap reggae and latino music. Its good stuff to dance to