Thursday, August 7, 2008

There is now a Shoreline Parents Yahoo! Group

Description from the Shoreline Parents Group at Yahoo!

This group is for parents in the Shoreline area, north of Seattle, WA. Our primary goal is to get to know each other and provide support as parents and neighbors.

This group is new, so this description may change with time. Initial examples of ways to use this group could include coordinating playgroups, announcing neighborhood activities, providing recommendations regarding schools, classes, and household projects and problems, tips on local shops and services, and in general sharing any other information that may seem relevant to our community!

Link to: Shoreline Parents Yahoo! Group


  1. Hooray! As a new shoreline parent this may be useful to me :)

  2. Hi, does this Yahoo Grp still exist? I tried to sign up for this b/c my family is moving to Shoreline in mid-Dec but have yet to hear back from the moderator. Any input on this would be useful! I've found the Ballard, QA, and Magnolia Yahoo Grps SO helpful and would love to tap into a similar parenting network in Shoreline, esp as newbies to the area. Thanks!