Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dos Equis billboard on 175th in Shoreline

Stay thirsty, my friends

A couple of days ago I posted some information about an unusual flavor of Budweiser that I saw on sale in Shoreline's Ridgecrest neighborhood. It's called Budweiser Chelado and, according to Busweiser's press release, its a flavor favored by Latinos. Especially Mexicans. I wondered if perhaps there are lots of Latino folks living in the Ridgecrest neighborhood. I still don't know the answer to that question, but I started wondering anew when I saw this billboard for Dos Equis beer. It's also in the Ridgecrest neighborhood, and Dos Equis is a Mexican beer.

But what's the deal with the slogan on this billboard? Is this a sly move by the McCain campaign to court Shoreline's Latino vote through beer!?

After all, McCain is extremely unpopular among Latino voters AND he always says "my friends", right? Hmmm... it can't be coincidence!

Clever, but will it work?

Link to: Recent Pew study on Hispanic voter attitudes

Link to: Earlier post about Budweiser Chelada

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